etrainu Refund Policy


Where the RTO collects fees from the individual learner, either directly or through a third party, the RTO provides or directs the learner to information prior to enrolment of the commencement of training and assessment, whichever comes first, specifying:

  • all relevant fee information including:
  1. fees that must be paid to the RTO, and
  2. payment terms and conditions including deposits and refunds
  • the learner’s rights as a consumer, including but not limited to any statutory cooling off period, if one applies
  • the learner’s right to obtain a refund for services not provided by the RTO in the event the:
  1. arrangement is terminated early, or
  2. the RTO fails to provide the agreed services

Accredited Training Refund Requests

etrainu offer the following accredited courses:

  • CPCCOHS1001A Work Safely in the Construction Industry
  • SITHGAM201 Provide Responsible Gambling Services
  • SITHFAB002 Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol
  • SITXFSA101 Use Hygienic Practices for Food Safety
  • SITXFSA201 Participate in Safe Food Handling Practices
Refund situations are listed below with conditions and outcomes.

Non Accredited Training Refund Requests

etrainu offer the following non accredited course:

  • Registered Management of Licensed Venues (RMLV)
It is important that the following refund conditions are read and understood to prevent the loss of monies due to cancellation.

Special Conditions and Information

  1. etrainu cannot accept responsibility for changes to work commitments or personal/organisational circumstances within the 7 day period prior to non accredited course commencements.
  2. Participant substitutions in non accredited training are welcomed at no extra cost. If course programs have adequate numbers and an individual needs to cancel with late notice etrainu may at its discretion transfer the participant to another course/program.
  3. Refunds will only be made directly to the credit card that the purchase was on or by direct credit to the participant or the entity that paid for the course. In the case of “client” refunds, additional credit may be placed on their account.
  4. Refunds will be paid within 1 week of refund request being approved.
  5. It is at the discretion of the Management to issue refunds outside the aforementioned conditions as it is etrainu’s approach to wherever possible, meet the student and client needs and maintain good customer relationships. Therefore in exceptional circumstances, should a participant have to discontinue a course for legitimate reasons such as sickness, family circumstances or bereavement, a pro-rata, partial or full refund will be given or assignment of another course which may be more appropriate at the time.