Learning Management System

Our LMS allows your organisation to administer and manage training across multi site, multi level organisations and just as simply caters to implementation for a small number of users or individuals. The etrainu system is very user friendly with many clients commenting on our easy usability and functional interface. We complement this will a strong support model. etrainu’s customer focused service delivery to clients and participants is a cornerstone of our offering, ensuring the simplest easiest path to implementation with no hidden or add on fees. 

Why do businesses use the etrainu LMS?

Our sophisticated LMS is continually updated and refined so we can confidently supply any business in any industry with centralised online training in a simple, cost-effective and time-saving manner.

We have delivered hundreds of thousands of courses online, have over 160,000 participants in our etrainu system and have more than 10 years operating as a Learning Management System provider. We are passionate about innovation and continue to advance our delivery processes to align with ever-changing technologies.

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Does your business access accredited training?

etrainu will set up your client account at no cost. Only pay for training you purchase! etrainu stores all training records in the one place, accessible at any time.

Simplicity & Intelligence

A simple way for employees to login & access training.

Your Training,
Your Way

We set up your LMS with access levels & management structure aligned to your business. 

How can the etrainu Learning Management System support your business?

Whether it’s building and managing a tailor built Learning Academy; meeting compliance objectives; or accessing our ready made programs, etrainu is flexible and dynamic. We customise the system design, certificates and module design so it looks like your own; we manage your set up and guide you through the e-learning process; we custom design features based on your business needs.

We help businesses:

  • Save money
  • Improve business performance
  • Reach business objectives
  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Record competency & proficiency
  • Make employees accountable for training completion
  • Ensure the experience is interactive and engaging

etrainu LMS features

The etrainu LMS creates a range of reports to view online or export. Our reporting functions allow for the simple management of learner performance and client training objectives, allowing for the effective tracking of employee progress and training completions.

Custom look and feel

Training and reporting groups

System alerts

Tiered management hierarchy

Issue training to one or many

Assessor management

Comprehensive reporting

Premium support - FREE

Electronic employee records